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October 12, 2008

For Teen Read Week, that is.  You may not be able to vote for our next President, but here’s your chance to make your vote count.

Teens ages 12-18: Vote anytime this week, October 12-18, for your favorite titles from the Teen’s Top Ten nominations.  If you do, you’re eligible for a prize!  When you get to the end of the ballot, you’ll see what I mean.  It’s just a small token of our gratitude for voicing your choice.  So, click on that link below and vote right now!  For more info about Teen’s Top Ten, click here.


Teens’ Top Ten Nominee for 2008: Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

August 25, 2008

Do you have what it takes to be an evil genius? 14-year-old Cadel Piggott believed that he did. After all, treachery was in his blood.

When Caleb was 7 years old, school officials gently encouraged his adoptive parents to take him to esteemed psychologist Thaddeus Roth. Caleb suffered from an uncontrollable habit of computer hacking. Instead of exploring Caleb’s emotions, Dr. Roth encouraged Caleb to hone all his skills in increasingly destructive ways. During one of their sessions, Roth informed Caleb of his questionable lineage. His biological father is none other than Dr. Phineas Darkkon, criminal mastermind extraordinaire. Dr. Darkkon was unable to raise Caleb himself due to a life sentence in prison but he does convince Caleb to enroll in his infamous school, the Axis Institute for World Domination. There, Caleb begins his evil genius education with classes like misinformation, lying, and embezzlement. As Caleb moves deeper into this dark world he meets someone who might just change his destiny, the mysterious and brilliant Kay-Lee. Soon after, he begins to question the world of lies, deceit, and betrayals in which he lives.

Read this fast-paced thriller to discover if Caleb fulfills his destiny as an evil genius.

Evil Genius is a nominee for the 2008 Teens’ Top Ten. To read more about the Teens’ Top Ten program, click here. To request this book from the library, click here. And don’t forget to place your vote during Teen Read Week, October 12-18, 2008

Review by Lynn @ West Regional Library.

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