Halloween Costumes from Books

October 26, 2012

Coraline dollThis time of year is perfect for fantasy lovers! With Halloween around the corner, readers can easily transform into their favorite book character. For Harry Potter fans, it can be a tie, black gown and thick glasses. For Hunger Games followers, a bow and arrow in simple clothes may do (unless you can figure out a safe way to ignite a dress!). What about a little white powder and black eyeliner for a fashionable zombie? Maybe SewLolita’s Coraline doll (based on Neil Gaiman’s novel by the same name) will serve as inspiration. What other creative things could you do to turn a book character into a Halloween costume?




My Halloween costume!

October 14, 2010

Halloween is coming up really fast! Nearly everyone I know is desperately seeking disguises or anxiously awaiting the free candy. My older brother is having a hard time deciding what to dress up as while my younger brother is going to dress up as the same thing he was for the past 2 years–Anakin Skywalker. Usually, I have many options of costumes, but I have trouble deciding. But I finally made my choice and chose to be the chocolate spread, Nutella:

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