Places to Get Anime- Legally, Of Course.

July 31, 2009
So there are a lot of places to get manga: A local library, a store, it’s pretty easy to find manga. But where do you find anime? I have several places I get mine, so I’ll list off a couple of good, legal places right here.
Well…the most well known place is probably Youtube. And I’m not talking about the illegally put up videos either. xD I mean the ones legally put up on Youtube by companies. That’s where I’m currently watching Ouran HSHC, where I watched Code Geass and Ghost Hunt, but it’s generally not the greatest source. Youtube is reliable, but the selection they have isn’t too great. They do have some really good ones though. You can find them is another legal place to get them, though I find it’s a little irritating that if you’re watching an ongoing anime (…KHR……) they’ll place the first couple episodes, the most recently subbed, and then the ones in the middle are gone. Bam. Poof. Yay. Thanks. I watch the most recent episodes of Katekyo Hitman Reborn there, and I know they have many other ones. A lot of the series are only for paying members though, which makes me go ):<. Like the original Naruto. WHAT? Dx The site is here:
Another site is Hulu, great site since it’s still legal. I mean, it’s not the greatest source (so few anime T_____T) but it’s not terrible either. Still, not the greatest place to go but when it has the anime, it has pretty much every single episode, which is epically awesome. (Contrary to paying for Naruto at Crunchyroll, you can find the entire original anime there as far as I can tell) Find them at
Of course, you could always just tap them at the source. Funimation puts up new episodes for people to watch at their site, and I know a lot of other places do the same. I watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood at the Funimation site, and it works fine. x3 And I’ve heard they have the whole xxxHolic there, and several others.
Some places you can actually rent anime from are Blockbusters, Netflix…those usual places. The problem I have with this though, is that you generally cannot get an anime unless it’s been dubbed already and then released. Makes it a bit more difficult, but it still works. You can rent an entire season from Blockbusters, though only generally through mail…I tried searching Naruto and none of the stores in my area carried it. Dx Thus I’m not sure about prices. I’m quite sure it would probably be the regular price. Rent Anime seems to be a good site to get it from. You get a flat rate of about $20 a month, and you can rent as many anime as you like. Of course, if you’re going to be busy I wouldn’t suggest this method, but if you’re going to have lots of spare time maybe you could try it out. The selection looks really good and they have a 2 week trial period.
I would also like to mention I once went to a really great store (perhaps a year ago) at the Cary Towne Center full of anime and manga paraphernalia and lots of anime and manga selection. It was amazing. I never caught the name though, and I haven’t been able to go back and look for it, so I’m not sure if it was shut down or not. You could purchase anime from them, however, so I would just like to get that out there. It was awesome. (There was Ramune. If you aren’t spazzing out, you must not have read that last line correctly. THEREWASRAMUNE. *_____*)
And just a note, you can even get some titles on Itunes. You heard me right. Itunes. This was news to me. o______o;;; though of course, it costs money.

So there are a lot of places to get manga: A local library, a store . . . it’s pretty easy to find. But where do you find anime? I have several places I get mine, so I’ll list off a couple of good, legal places right here. Read the rest of this entry »


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