Movie Review: The Muppets

February 9, 2012

When I saw that this movie was coming out, I was so very excited.

Soon after, I dragged my sister to the movie theater, and we watched it together. Surprisingly, we didn’t finish off the popcorn in the first few minutes. We were both so engrossed in the movie that we didn’t even have time to eat our popcorn.

Walter, his brother Gary (Jason Segal), and Gary’s girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams)¬†find out that an evil oil baron, Tex Richman, wants to drill for oil under the Muppets theater. Hoping to save the Muppets theater, the threesome go and try to bring together the Muppets gang again. Kermit is lonely in his mansion, reminiscing about Miss Piggy; Gonzo is the head of his toilet company, Gonzo’s Royal Flush; Fozzie performs with a rough band called the Moopets; Animal is at an anger management rehab clinic; and Miss Piggy is the plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris. Read the rest of this entry »


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