Last Sacrifice Book Review

February 4, 2011

Last Sacrifice is the conclusion of the six book bestselling series, Vampire Academy, by Richelle Mead. Typically I am scornful of the new genre which takes up three shelves at Barnes and Noble: Teen Paranormal Romance. Yet, Vampire Academy perhaps has something many of the other series (Twilight, House of Night) don’t, or at least a particular something which appealed to me enough that I wanted to finish the novels out.

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New Books for Teens 1/27/2010

January 27, 2010

Today, we received Captivate by Carrie Jones, the sequel to Need.  These books are about mortals who have interactions with the pixie world. Click on the link to order the book.

Lovely cover

New Books for Teens 1/20/2010

January 20, 2010

New goodies came in . . .

Darklight by Lesley Livingston–The sequel to Wondrous Strange.  It sounds very much like something fans of Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series would enjoy:  dark fairies set in an urban setting.

The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet by Erin Dionne–Hamlet Kennedy has a freak family.  But is that so bad?  It’s a humorous school type story involving Shakespeare.

Large Print version of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and the Evolution of Capurnia Tate just came in.

Book #7 in the Ranger’s Apprentice series is called Erak’s Ransom

Winter’s End by Jean-Claude Mourlevant–Four students escape from a prison-like boarding school and attempt to defeat the government that killed each of their parents

Freefall by Ariela Anhalt–Luke has always stood by his best friend, but should he do so when his friend’s behavior puts him at great personal risk?

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New Books for Teens 1/15/2010

January 15, 2010

Children of the Sea by Daisuke Igarashi–This looks an interesting graphic novel, but I am having trouble understanding what it’s all about.  Basically there is a girl who visits an aquarium where her father is employed.  When she enters she can hear a call to the sea.  She meets two boys that experience the same thing.  So they are drawn to the sea, but there is also a mystery to solve involving some disappearing ocean creatures.  The visuals are good.  Maybe something different to try?

Also Melody Carlson has come out with a new novel in  her Notes from a Spinning Planet series that takes place in Mexico.  I think it involves the same characters as her Ireland book.  Carlson writes the popular True Colors and Diary of a Teenage Girl series.  Carlson writes inspirational fiction in a non-preachy way that is attractive to all readers.

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New Books for Teens 12/31/2009

December 31, 2009

What If . . . All Your Dreams Came True (A Choose Your Destiny Novel) by Liz Ruckdeschel and Sara James–It’s the newest in this “Choose Your Own Adventure” type novel for teen girls.  Readers get to decide how Haley should spend her junior year.  Depending on the choices made, Haley has different outcomes.

A Girl Called Boy by Belinda Hurmence–Blanche feel ashamed of her ancestors.  She would never let someone treat her like a slave.  That’s what she thinks until she is transported through time to the 1850s.  She experiences what it was like for her ancestors and gains a new appreciation for their fortitude.

Decision Time by Earl Sewell–The newest Kimani Tru title, an imprint for African American young adults

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