Book Review: Lost Children of the Far Islands by Emily Raabe

July 27, 2015


Review by Iman, grade 6

An ordinary day in Maine turns into a series of wild adventures for Gus, Leo, and Ila. As their mother becomes weak and ill, they realize she is shielding them from a terrible evil and the secret of her true identity. Soon, the children are taken to a mysterious island far away from home. They discover their secret grandmother, the Morai, and find magic they never knew existed. Along with their mother, they are a part of the Folk. The Folk can turn from animal to human forms, but their powers exist for a deeper reason. Together, they must fight the ferocious King of the Black Lakes- to the death. However, there is an ancient tale that whoever kills this villain will die.

This book is appropriate for ages 10-14. The book is filled with “excitement, magic, and the dangers and delights of the sea.” It will leave you wondering as secrets are revealed and magic is found. If you enjoy a science fiction novel, then you will love Lost Children of the Far Islands.


Teens’ Top Ten Nominee for 2008: Genesis Alpha by Rune Michaels

September 15, 2008

Josh is just a normal teenager who loves to play video games with his older brother Max, who is away at college. Totally normal, except for the fact that Josh is a ‘designer baby’, specially selected when he was nothing more than a few cells for his similarity to Max in hopes that his stem cells would cure Max’s cancer.

When Max is arrested for a horrendous crime Josh is forced to question his own existence. Is he guilty too? Should he ever have been born? Was Max supposed to die from cancer? Is Josh going to be just like Max?

This gripping story will make you think about good and evil as well as modern ethics. Read-a-likes include House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer and Paranoid Park by Blake Nelson.

Genesis Alpha is a nominee for the 2008 Teens’ Top Ten. To read more about the Teens’ Top Ten program, click here. To request this book from the library, click here. And don’t forget to place your vote during Teen Read Week, October 12-18, 2008.

Reviewed by Jennifer M. @ North Regional Library

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