DIY: T-Shirt into Blue Halter Dress (T-Shirt Surgery)

May 11, 2011

Do you have a bag of those oversized (or undersized) t-shirts that you never wear anymore…or don’t know how to wear? You can throw them away…or leave them to gather dust in your closet…or you could do T-SHIRT SURGERY.

T-shirt surgery is basically turning your t-shirt into something else. I’ve seen boring shirts turned into bags, scarves, tops, and even dresses. You can check out some wicked t-shirt surgery before and afters here.

I have (or had) a shirt that was given to me from volunteering. I wear XS, and the size is XXXL, so it’s basically new. One day, I looked at it and thought, DRESS POTENTIAL. So I got out my needle and thread (still eagerly anticipating my sewing machine for my birthday :/), chalk, and scissors and began to draft.

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