Teen Video Contest Entry for Eva Perry Library

February 26, 2013

Every year, the Collaborative Library Summer Program hosts a Teen Video Challenge.  Teens, ages 13-18 are asked to make 30-90 second videos to promote libraries and reading that incorporate the summer reading theme slogan.  This year, the slogan is “Beneath the Surface.”

A team of teens at Eva Perry Library created a video for this contest.  After 2 hours of filming and countless hours of editing, our video is complete.  There will be one winner in each state, so wish us luck.  The winning teens receive $275 and the sponsoring library also receives prizes.

The video entry was created by Sahil Thakore, Joey Gizzi, Joey Matthews, Christopher Martinez, and Jack Cicin.  The concept was created by a group of teens, script by Sahil Thakore.  Music is by Nax Torres, under a Noncommercial Attribution Creative Commons License. And here is our video!



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